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March 5, 2005

Ginger and Tracii Guns recently spoke out about Ginger’s quick departure from the Brides Of Destruction:

Ginger stated:
The Brides thing didn’t work out, so I’m staying on here in Malibu and I’m going to relax (for the first time in my life) and wait for something to turn up.

Been writing a ton of stuff, and I’m going to be writing with RickyWarwick next week.

He also has a solo acoustic spot at a place called The Joint, and I’m going to be getting up onstage with him next Wednesday to play a few cover songs. It’s on Pico and Robertson, if anyone is interested. Maybe I’ll see some friendly list people at the bar?

Other than that I’m mending well, and have some really good friends around me, and that’s as important as anything in the world at the moment.

Tracii stated:
The Ginger Q??

Ginger was involved in a couple of the songs we wrote for the album but he is not in the band. I am not at liberty to discuss his personal life. I am sure eventually he will make a post somewhere as to why he is unable to continue with the Brides. He still is living with us and is our Brother 🙂

Love, Tracii

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