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March 7, 2005

“Hollywood Hairspray – The DVD”PER01579 UPC barcode 670573015796

For those about to rock, Perris Records salutes you with their firstever, long awaited DVD release entitled “Hollywood Hairspray – The DVD”March 22nd, 2005 marks the release date for this incredible new DVDfeaturing 11 videos and interviews from Stephen Pearcy, Broken Teeth,Babylon A.D., Nasty Idols, Stampede Queen, CRASHDIET, Cherry St. andothers. Also included is some bonus material including the never beforeseen video for “Pissed” by Dangerous Toys.

The complete track listingfor “Hollywood Hairspray – The DVD”:

Stephen Pearcy – “Drive With Me”
Ironhorse – “American Thunder”
Broken Teeth – “Devil Money”
Babylon A.D. – “American Blitzkrieg”
Nasty Idols – “Heads Down (In Tinseltown)”
Loud ‘N’ Nasty – “Hungry”
Cherry St. – “The Walk”
American Heartbreak – “Rotten Apple”
CRASHDIET – “Riot In Everyone”
Stampede Queen – “Never Turn Your Back (On Rock & Roll)”
Worlds Apart – “Forever”

Bonus Video:Dangerous Toys – “Pissed”

DVD is NTSC Region 1
Out on March 22nd, 2005.

Midnight Circus “Money Shot” PER01562 UPC Barcode 670573015628

In the vein of Vince Neil, Poison and Dokken. Release date March 22ndMidnight Circus is exploding onto the hard rock scene with their debutappearance on thePerris Records label. Originally established in 1992, the band’s currentline-up of outrageouslytalented musicians came into existence in 2001. Founding member andvocalist, Rob Howl was bornin Anytown, USA and has fronted some very impressive acts from the nowinfamous Naked Zoo(Full Tilt Management) to Houston, Texas’s Fearless Leader.Accomplished bassist and onehalf of the incredibly talented rhythm section, Alan Rogers hails fromKeflavic, Iceland.Alan was a working musician before joining Midnight Circus, but Circushas been the bandthat put him on the map. Circus Guitarist, engineer & producer GreggGill grew up in Denver,Colorado and has some extremely impressive and notable notches on hisbelt with Molten Metalrecording artists Z-Lot-Z and Massacre Records’ Distant Thunder.Hattiesburg, Mississippinative Rick Ward has been behind the drums in Onyxx (Austin, TX) andalso shared the stagewith Gregg in Distant Thunder. Rick currently pounds the skins for theprogressive rock band,Azrael’s Bane (DRP Management). The combination of these four souls hasproduced a soundunlike any other; a smoldering cauldron of hard rock that brings musicback to where it shouldbe. “Money Shot” is an astounding display of perfect song writingcombined with remarkablemusicianship. This is the CD you have to have for summer.

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