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March 9, 2005

TORONTO, March 9, 2005 – What’s old is new again. This expression is reality for Sonic X, a Toronto-based hard rock band that has just released their self titled debut CD on Z Records with worldwide distribution.

“It’s great to see the classic bands such as Motley Crue, Judas Priest, and even Billy Idol releasing new material and touring,” said Adam Troy lead singer for Sonic X, “It is very timely for what is happening with Sonic X.”

The band formed in the mid-eighties and toured extensively throughout Canada under the name L.A. and built a large coast-to-coast following. This popularity allowed LA to earn “Best Toronto Club Band Award” at the Toronto Music Awards in 1989.

“It seemed that everything was going our way'” said Joseph Cumbo, bassist for the band. “We had development deals with Capitol Records, MCA/Universal and BMG also expressed interest in signing us at the time.” L.A. also started getting airplay on local radio stations, which is a rarity for a band that is not officially signed to a record label.

“At the time we were being compared to bands such as Guns & Roses, Whitesnake and Skid Row. We fit in well with that genre of music. Everyone around us was excited and then Nirvana happened,” said Cumbo. “The shift in music was drastic.

The focus became signing ‘Grunge’ bands instead of hard rock bands.” The change in music landscape provided a considerable challenge for the band.

The band had a decision to make, would they follow the Grunge movement and change their musical style or stay true to their hard rock roots. With the help of Gil Moore from the classic Canadian rock band Triumph, the band decided to finish the recording of their debut album themselves.

The band then began to knock on doors once again, basically starting from scratch, shopping their material but with limited success.

The break came when someone suggested that the band send the album to the U.K. based label, Z Records. “We figured we had nothing to lose by sending the album over to Europe. Based on our genre of music and what was happening with “The Darkness” and other bands like them, we felt we had a good chance to be picked up,” said Troy.

Their persistence and self-belief paid off. Z Records signed them to a two-album deal with an option for a third. Feeling that they had a new lease on their dreams, the band decided that a name change was in order. Having waited ten years for success the band incorporated the Roman Numeral Ten (X) into the name and changed it to Sonic X. “It is a hidden reference which signifies the over ten years of persistence in getting this album released to the public,” says Cumbo, “it has been an exciting ride and worth the wait.”

Sonic X is a hard rock band based in Toronto, Ontario. Formerly known as L.A., the band consists of Adam Troy, Lead Vocals; Lawrence Falcomer, Guitars; Joseph Cumbo, Bass; and Michael Marquez, Drums. The bands debut release is on Z Records with their follow-up album due out for release in the Fall of 2005. For more information, visit: or by email at

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