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March 14, 2005

ALICE COOPER spoke to Australian radio Triple-J last Thursday morning(March 10) about his upcoming album, “Dirty Diamonds”, and hisforthcoming Australian tour. Asked about his new CD, Alice said, “Ijust keep writing these things. I have more fun now writing andrecording these things than I ever did. Because I’m kind of back todoing early ALICE, ’70s type of rock.

“To be honest with you, I was very inspired by a band like JET and thebands that were just really good garage-rock band. The thing I likedabout it is that I listened to bands like JET and THE WHITE STRIPESand THE STROKES and I realized they were playing 1968 Detroitgarage-rock. And I kind of said, I would like to go back and do whatwe did originally. And the last two albums this album and the lastalbum, ‘The Eyes of Alice Cooper’ it’s really just that.”

“It’s so much fun, because I would take the band, we’d go into thestudio, we’d write the songs, we’d record it right there, and then I’dsay, ‘OK, no overdubs.’ Because that’s what a band should sound like.If the bass is a little bit rushing or the drums don’t end quite intime, everybody wants to go in and fix that, and I go, ‘Why? That’snot what the band sounds like.'”

On the subject of his lyrics for the new album, Cooper said, “I alwayskind of use the world as my target. There’s a lot of silliness in theworld that I could write about. And some of it can be pretty horrific,and a lot of it can be very funny. It’s just so easy, because itbasically human nature. I don’t necessarily have to attack an idealogyof anything like that, it’s basically, we are the silliest people. SoI kind of write about characters. There’s a song on the new albumcalled ‘Saga of Jesse James’ and it’s about a cross-dressingtruckdriver. It could be Johhny Cash, this song [laughs].”

Listen to Alice Cooper’s entire interview with Triple-J in two partsat this location.

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