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March 23, 2005

Unfortunately we have to notify you, that Biff Byford the leadsinger and founder of the band SAXON has undergone a serious tragedy at his home. Due a fire at his home in france, his house is completely burnt down. Apart from a few bits and pieces everything has been destroyed.He was able to rescue his wife and their four small children. They are all doing well at the moment, considering the circumstances. He has lost almost everything that he has gained the last 25 years including golden records, rare guitars, photos, souvenirs etc.

We already needed to cancel and postpone the tour in europe in march, but the situation forces us now to postpone also Dubai, South America and USA, which is a massive disappointment for our great fans.

Unfortunately it is impossible for Biff to leave his wife and kids alone at home, because the children have suffered a traumatic experience and they are frightened that there will be more fires in the future (the youngest are 5 year old and cannot understand of course). So because of this Biff cannot expect his wife to cope alone. Everybody that has a family will understand how important this is.

SAXON will postpone the tours in europe (already confirmed!), southamerika & US Amerika to fall 2005 and will do the Desert Rock FestivalIn Dubai 2006!

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