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March 29, 2005

Leviathan Records has just released the new JOE STUMP”Shredology” and KINRICK “Sense Your Darkness” Cds.

Joe’s new double disc “Shredology” is a collection of some ofthe most intense guitar known to man. Disc one features tracksthat are Joe’s personal favorites of his past recordings plusone new devastating bonus track: “The Drill.” Disc two is thelegendary live “Midwest Shredfest.” This official bootlegshowcases Joe’s amazing live abilities that proves his insaneguitar playing is not some sort of studio trickery. In thenewest issue of Guitar World that just hit the streets, there isa glowing reviewing that states among other things: “Joe Stumpshows why he is the thinking man’s shredder. Stump elevatesshredding to a high art!” For more info go to:

KINRICK is an incredible new metal band fronted by the powerfulvoice of x-Firewind vocalist Stephen Fredrick and Vaingloryguitar master Corbin King. This pairing has created one of themost promising new metal duos in years. The band’s name is aconglomeration of Corbin’s and Stephen’s last names- King andFredrick- KINRICK!” Joining the band on this Cd are drummerStian Kristoffersen (Firewind/Pagan’s Mind) and bassist JamesMartin (Zanister). “Sense Your Darkness” was produced by metallegend David T. Chastain who states: “I have been trying to hookup Stephen and Corbin in a band for some time. They live reallyclose to one another in the Atlanta area and logistically andmusically I knew they were a perfect match for one another.” Formore info go to: The KINRICK Cd isavailable on Majestic Rock Records in Japan and Europe.

CHASTAIN, the band, has put up the video for the track “BulletFrom A Gun” from their latest Cd “In An Outrage” for downloadat:

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