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April 10, 2005

Motley Crue’s Canadian born midget emcee Mighty Mike has been detained in Canada after being refused entry back into the United States during the Red, White and Crue tour.

Motley Crue was heading Grand Forks, ND yesterday after playing Canada but the little firebreather didn’t have the right documentation to get back in to the USA.

“This could set U.S.-Canadian relations back a couple of weeks,” said the Crue’s Vince Neil. Motley will be returning to Canada for shows in Montreal (April 24) and London, Ontario on April 26.

“It’s no ‘big’ deal, hopefully Mighty Mike will grow from this experience” added Tommy Lee. “We hope he’ll be back with us in a ‘little’ while.”

Motley Crue will return to Canada for shows in Montreal, then London.

Crue fans will also be pleased to know that a new studio album is on the way. “We’re writing it out here [on the road], which is kind of like how ‘Shout at the Devil’ was written” Nikki Sixx told Detroit radio station WRIF 101.1.

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