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April 17, 2005

Taking time from the current “Five Man Acoustical Jam 2005” tour, Tesla vocalist Jeff Keith called in to speak with The Hairball John Radio Show. Keith talked extensively about the current tour and how the band began in the late eighties. Jeff gave invaluable insight regarding some of his favorite tours, songs, and memories from the Tesla years. In addressing plans for 2005, Jeff mentioned more touring and a possible covers album.

Hairball John: “Jeff, you mentioned that you were planning on more tour dates for the summer and fall. Are you guys planning on plugging in and hitting the tour circuit electrically?”

Jeff Keith: “Yeah, you know they’re talking about us doing some summer dates, electrically. But in April and May we are going to try and head back towards the West Coast and end it (the acoustic tour) back at home or something like that. But we are definitely talking about some more dates this summer and fall, electrically, and then maybe putting together a covers album and that would possibly tide some of the fans over until we can put together another studio record. For Tesla it takes at least a year and a half, from the start of writing ’til the end to finish recording a studio record, so we are going to buy ourselves a little time with that and have some fun with it too.”

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