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April 19, 2005

With tears in my eyes as I type this I have just received word that my friend and former Tuff bassist Danny Wilder has passed away.

This is some very sad and disturbing news. Of course we’ll wait to hear the coroner’s report, but I’ll be the one to tell you what Danny can’t. He OD’d, and it looks like it was heroin. He had finished another rehab stint and was in the process of cleaning up his life when he decided to dabble again.

It cost him his life. No further details are available at the moment.

Danny Wilder played bass in Tuff during the 1992-1993 touring years. He also played with Emi Canyon (Nasty Habit of Motley Crue) in a project called Alice in Thunderland.

Prior to joining Tuff, Danny was well known on the famous Sunset Strip where he made his name playing with the band Paradise. Danny was raised in Phoenix, Arizona and had been living there over the last several years.

He leaves behind many friends, family, memories, and another lesson for anyone who’s still alive – DRUGS SUCK!

RIP my brother — we’ll miss you!

Stevie Rachelle

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