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April 20, 2005

Vain vocalist Davy Vain recently spoke with The Hairball John Radio Show on a variety of subjects including the recording of 1989’s “No Repect”, subsequent albums and tours, and his excitement in meeting some of his heroes. Davy also spoke about the numerous projects planned for Vain in 2005.

Davy Vain: “We’re working on a new Vain record right now and it is almost done. And then we are going to head over and do a bunch of shows in Europe and primarily the UK and hit about four other countries in Europe. And we have all the original members. We have Danny West back on guitar now and it has been really cool hanging with everyone together; the chemistry is great. When we get back we are going to release a DVD and work on some other stuff, like playing a lot more. This year we are going to play quite a bit and that is very exciting. I think that Vain fans and people that are into us are really going to like the new record a lot. It is definitely one of our best.”

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