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April 21, 2005

The Los Angeles based hard rock outfit Legacy (featuring members from Lizzy Borden, George Lynch Group, Silver Mountain, Starwood, MSG) have posted the new cover art for their critically acclaimed album at this location. This disc will be re-issued this summer via Valhalla Records UK and includes bonus tracks and cover art by German artist Christian Klute.

Marten Andersson, Bassplayer/Founder of Legacy commented, “Christian did an awesome job on the cover, it looks great!! I am excited to have the opportunity to get this CD’s out in places it never came out before.”

This album has received great reviews and is described as “addictive, in-your-face hard rock.” Metalvault calls it “Possibly one of the best Metal records I will hear this year”. WCRC 104 FM says “This CD rocks. Its like Malmsteen meets Krokus meets nothing you ever heard before, a high octane metal fest”, Hardradio calls it “Very cool stuff! Check it out”, says “Legacy delivers straight-forward, honest, melodic rock with some great guitar playing”.

Track listing:

1. Troubleshooter
2. Underdog
3. Tool
4. Autumn Rising
5. Mission of Mercy
6. Leave it Alone
7. 2.4.1
8. Can’t Remember Love
9. My Last Sunrise
10. Astral Sundown
11. Thank You (Extended Version)
12. So Long
13. Reverse Rotation

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