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April 27, 2005

“BandMerch Signs American Heartbreak For New Merchandising Deal”

BandMerch, the first “artist-driven” merchandising company, has signed anew deal with underground hard rockers American Heartbreak to handle theirtour, retail, licensing and online merchandising.

BandMerch is an artist-driven merchandising company, devoted to achievingbrands and products as unique as the artists for which they are developed.Based in Agoura, California, BandMerch, Inc. is an independently ownedmerchandise company focused on creating unique product lines for theentertainment industry. Additionally, BandMerch generates distinctivepromotional opportunities for fans creating an extraordinary and intimaterelationship between Artist and fan.

BandMerch’s deal with American Heartbreak will be no exception to theirphilosophy of using every avenue at their disposal to improve theirartist-fan relations. According to BandMerch founder and President DonnDelson, “American Heartbreak have clearly developed a loyal and rabidfanbase over the past eight years. A lot of their core audience clearlyconsists of concert-goers and our goal with this deal will be to providetheir longtime fans merchandise that is representative of the band and whatit stands for. American Heartbreak have obviously built their hardcorefollowing from the ground up, grassroots-style. Through BandMerch’stouring, retail and internet resources, we will build the relationshipbetween American Heartbreak and their die-hard fans, and, throughpro-active merchandising, introduce them to a whole new audience.”

Formed in 1996 by guitarist Billy Rowe, bass player Mike Butler and singerLance Boone, American Heartbreak has emerged as one of the country’spreeminent underground hard rock bands. The group has played live showsconstantly over nearly the last decade, touring all over the world andopening for the likes of The Donnas, Queens of the Stone Age, Warrant, TheNew York Dolls and The Scorpions, among others. They have released threeCDs and have a fourth due later this year.

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