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April 29, 2005

On his third solo release, “Fused,” due July 12 via Sanctuary, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi didn’t stray too far from his quintessential metallic solo past. Most notable is the old school track “I Go Insane,” which at over nine minutes in length will leave metal fans feeling right at home.

“I wanted to do a long track basically with a lot of different changes,” Iommi tells “And if I had had my way, they probably all would have been as long as that. I think it was good to do something finally with a bit of an extended version. I also wanted to play the album live. So, we all went into the studio together and played, which was great to do that way.”

While the album’s release comes just as Black Sabbath kicks off its Ozzfest summer dates, Iommi is planning a fall “Fused” tour with vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp). Both musicians also appear on the album.

“We can draw from that album, we can draw from the [1996 release] ‘The DEP Sessions’ and even some ‘Seventh Star’ stuff,” Iommi says. “I think we can even do a couple of Sabbath tunes. We don’t really know exactly what we’re going to play but I think there is certainly plenty of material.”

Iommi’s solo past is a bit convoluted, beginning with the 1986 Black Sabbath album “Seventh Star.” Most fans agree this ostensibly was his first solo outing despite it being released under the Sabbath name. The guitarist’s first proper solo release was a self-titled effort in 2000, which was followed up four years later by “The 1996 DEP Sessions.” That set featured music recorded by Iommi and Hughes that had never received an official release.

As for Sabbath, Iommi hints that a DVD release from the summer shows could be in the works. However, it’s the promise of a new Black Sabbath album that continues to keep diehards waiting.

“We’ve certainly talked about it,” Iommi says. “But to make any definite plans as to when it’s going to be is another thing. Again, it’s going to come down to time because we’re going to have put aside quite a bit of time to get together, rehearse and write another album. [But] I really think we owe it to the fans as well to do the album.”

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