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May 2, 2005

Just a note to tell you about some things doing well at CD Smash and also just to say hi! I’ve not sent out a newsletter in a while cause we’ve just been too busy and my attention span without med’s is just crazy.

A few upcoming releases from CD Smash Records and our partnership with Fastlane Records includes: Sweet Pain-a re-issue of their debut in combat records. this was never released on CD so we thought we’d re-master it and add a few bonus tracks to make it interesting. Also, look for a re-issue of ‘Ultra Pop” Ultra Pop features members from L.A.Strip rockers “LONDON’ and “Spiders N Snakes”. Both very cool and must have Cd’s. CD Smash is about to sign and METAL Band! Can you believe that? You’ll be surprised to see who’s in this band. Detail’s coming on that! CD Smash and Fastlane Records are working on our last 2 Tribute records right now, The first will be a Cheap Trick Tribute and then around Christmas look for a Tribute To The Beatles. Both will be star studded. Just a note we are still needing a few stops filled on the Beatles Tribute so If you know of a band that maybe interested please contact me asap.

Jetboys Of Babylon-A Tribute to The New York Dolls $13.95
If have not picked up a copy of the Jetboys Of Babylon-A Tribute to The New York Dolls, what are you waiting for us to run out? It features David Johanson(NY Dolls Vocalist) himself! WOW!! That’s worth price right there but wait there’s more! It also features Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols, Flipp, The Alarm, Crash Kelly, Super Deluxe, The Napoleon Blownaprts and more. It really is a great tribute and some say sound’s better than the original. How cool is that?

Teenage Casket Company s/t $12.00
Also, Checkout the debut from UK’s ‘Teenage Casket Company’. Power play magazine said: “The natural heirs to the vacant glam throne and I have no hesitation saying the best glam band since Robin Black”

Midnight Circus-Money Shot $12.99
Houston Texas Rock- In the vein of Vince Neil, Poison and Dokken

Adler’s Appetite -E.P- (Limited Supply-email us first) $14.95
Jizzy Pearl – vocals,Keri Kelli – guitars,Robbie Crane – bass,Steven Adler – drums .Need I say more?

Dum Dog Run s/t $10.00
producer and former Warner/Chappell staff writer Rick Altizer on vocals and guitar, Believable Picnic and Luxury Stars vet Jade Hanson on guitar and vocals, former Bigger Than Dallas drummer Kyle Johnson and ex Bigger Than Dallas/ Foot Long Hog bassist Mickey Ryan. The members of Dum Dog Run do not touch or even look at keyboards and will not allow them on recordings or during live performances (even offstage like they were in the 80’s).

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