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June 4, 2005

According to Tracii’s latest post in the band’s diary, Nikki Sixx emailed an idea for an album title for the band’s next release. Tracii likes the idea so the next album will be titled “Runaway Brides.”

Website Updates
Wedding Album is back up!
After the server “upgrade” the entire site was hosed! We’ve finally got the entire site back up and running. I’ve just uploaded a bunch of photos from the first tour and some shots of the band in the studio recording the new album.

Another new feature to the site, if you haven’t been there in a while, is Tracii’s Blog on the home page. This is a great addition to the Bride’s Diary page!

New site design coming soon. I just talked to Tracii and he says the new album artwork is just about complete. As soon as everything gets approved, he’ll send me all the artwork and then Craig and I will get to work designing the next version of the site. I’m guessing (please note this is a guess) that we should see something new in 4 to 6 weeks. has teamed up with Basson & Rubino’s Music to bring all BOD & Crue fans the new line of amazing cabinets. If you check out the new studio shots you’ll see that Basson is the cabinet of choice for BOD as well as Nikki Sixx. For more details please check out the all new Basson page at!

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