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June 9, 2005

Dominating both the US and UK charts during the late ’80’s with their prime time preening n’ pouting were US Glam Rock giants Poison, MotleyCrue and Cinderella. Cardiff, South Wales might have seemed as far removed from this scene as you could imagine but this was no deterent to thelikes of Jay Pepper (guitar), Pepsi Tate (bass), Ace Finchum (drums) and Kim Hooker (voclas), who, collectively known as Tigertailz, decided toredress this imbalance. Their ’87 Music For Nations debut album, Young & Crazy gained them a groundswell of support in both the UK & Europeand saw the band playing double sell out shows at London’s legendary Marquee and Astoria venues. Extensive touring with their wild stage showgained them many new fans resulting in their second album, Bezerk (1990) reaching the UK Top 40 taking the band to a whole new level, capturingthe imagination of teenagers and resulting in a loyal following that remains to this day. Party anthems like ‘Love Bomb Baby’ and ‘Call Of The Wild’became instantly recognisable showing that Tigertailz had a flavour far beyond their rival bubblegum trash acts. Tigertailz’ impact is summed up byMurder Dolls lead singer, Wednesday 13: “In a scene full copy cats and imitatons of imitations, Tigertailz stood out like a sore, bloody, thumb. Justupon viewing the album cover in the record store at the age of 15, I knew this album would satisfy my Glam appetite. Cartoon looks and songs thatwere so catchy you couldn’t get them out of your head for days, and why would ya??? With songs like ‘Sick Sex’, ‘Call of the Wild’, and ‘I Can FightDirty Too’, it was evident Tigertailz had plenty of attitude along with looks to back it all up. Bezerk is an album that left a permanent scar on my rockn roll soul that I’m very proud to have.” Now, Tigertailz have returned, primed and ready to trash n’ glam the party once again!

Originally released in 1990, Bezerk was Tigertailz’ second album for Music For Nations and was by far their biggest success. Reaching the UKTop 40, the album established the band as serious contenders to the US invasion and the likes of Motley Crue, Poison and Cinderella. Trackssuch as, ‘Love Bomb Baby’ and ‘Noise Level Critical’ contributed to the albums outward trash n’ glam mentality with resulting videos also reachingthe higher echelons of the charts which affirmed the bands right to party til you drop mentality, contributing to Bezerk being regarded as one of thebest Glam Metal releases of the era. This remastered and expanded edition adds the previously unreleased track, ‘Love Junkie’ from the originalWazbones sessions, the band formed by the remaining members following the departure of the only American in the band, Ace Finchum, in 1992.

Cat No: CMQCD1141
Release Date: 23-05-2005
Genre: Glam Rock
1. Sick Sex
2. Love Bomb Baby
3. I Can Fight Dirty Too
4. Noise Level Critical
5. Heaven
6. Love Overload
7. Action City
8. Twist And Shake
9. Squeeze It Dry
10. Call Of The Wild
Bonus track:
11. Love Junkie

Previously only ever released in Japan, Banzai (1991) is a rare and much sought after album by followers of Glam Metal with original copieschanging hands on Ebay for around $80. The album comprises a collection of tracks that were never previously released on any other recordingsand Tigertailz fans maintain the opening track, ‘Murderess’ to be the best song the band have recorded. Also included on this collection are acouple of covers in the shape of Metallica’s, ‘Creeping Death’ and Megadeth’s, ‘Peace Sells’ making this album even more of an intrigueingrelease to hear. This expanded and remastered edition adds a new track, ‘Love Can Kill’ which comes from the original Wazbones sessions, theband formed by the remaining members upon the departure of the only American in the band, Ace Finchum, in 1992.

Cat No: CMQCD1140
Release Date: 23-05-2005
Genre: Glam Rock
1. Murderess
2. Livin’ Without You
3. Million Dollar Smile
4. She’z So Hot
5. Creeping Death
6. Nine Livez
7. Peace Sellz
8. For A Few Dollarz More
9. Taking The Pain
Bonus track:
10. Love Can Kill

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