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June 20, 2005

Cargo Records has set a tentative July 25th release date for “One More For The Road,” the live reunion album from Enuff Z’nuff. The album was recording during the band’s August 31, 2003 show at the Cat Club in Hollywood. (antiMusic sponsored the show). It was the first full show that Donnie Vie (vocals, guitar), Derek Frigo (lead guitar) and Vik Foxx had played together in ten years. The show was meant an intimate performance for friends and family as a warm up to a full fledged tour (with Chip Z’nuff – Tim Tame appears on the live CD). Derek and Vik both appeared on the latest Enuff Z’nuff album “?” but sadly Derek Frigo passed away last year before they could launch a reunion tour.

The CD is set to include a new studio track “Mary Jane” featuring the three original members. The track was originally recorded for the “?” album but Donnie and Vik retracked the song with Derek’s guitars for this release. Plans are also in the works for Donnie Vie and Vik Foxx to tour Europe in support of the album in September.

Rock N World
For Now
Baby Loves You
In The Groove
Fly High Michelle
New Thing
Mary Jane

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