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June 24, 2005


HOLLYWOOD (June 23, 2005) – The title is a humorous homage to ‘Sin City’ where Jizzy spent a ‘lost weekend’ lasting more than a year. Locking himself away in a room with 5 pounds of coffee and an acoustic guitar Jizzy wrote the entire record in three weeks and it is his best yet.

Jizzy Pearl is as permanent a fixture on the Sunset Strip as is the Whisky a go-go or the Rainbow Bar & Grill. Starting in the early days of Guns ‘n’ Roses then with Love/Hate to arena rock with RATT, today Jizzy Pearl continues to do what he loves most, write and record music. Not only has he played on 11 major records and a host of tribute and soundtrack recordings but he has also written and published two of his own books.

In 1990 Jizzy was the singer of Love/Hate whose breakthrough Sony record release–“Blackout in the Red Room” won critical acclaim and started him on the never-ending roller coaster of singing, recording and touring. Love/Hate went on to release 5 more records in the years that followed until Jizzy joined L.A. Guns in 1998. Jizzy co-wrote on their fifth record- “Shrinking Violet”. In 2000 Jizzy replaced Stephen Pearcy in RATT and has spent the last five summers touring with them. In that time, he completed his second solo record “Just a Boy”, an EP with Adler’s Appetite. Now his third outing on Shrapnel Records, VEGAS MUST DIE!

VEGAS MUST DIE feature’s guitar work, by former Salty Dog guitarist, Pete Reveen with production and musical help from Great White alumni Michael Lardie. VEGAS MUST DIE captures all the intensity of Led Zeppelin 1, AC/DC and the best of Jizzy’s former band Love/Hate. VEGAS MUST DIE is all about Old School, turn it up and play it LOUD!

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