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June 28, 2005

CHICAGO (June 28, 2005) – Actor and producer Rikki Lee Travolta of the famous entertainment family was a key focal point in the VIP section of singer Bret Michaels concert performance at famed Joe’s Bar in Chicago on Saturday, June 25.

Travolta previously appeared at Michaels’ November Chicago concert date while scouting the singer for a potential role in the film adaptation of the best selling novel “My Fractured Life.”

Following the November performance Travolta referred to Michaels as having “a brilliant charisma that could translate well to film.”

Travolta’s presence at the June performance caused talk backstage that interest in Michaels for the film role could be more than a passing consideration.

Travolta, accompanied by his fashion model wife and manager Sonia, did not comment on if Michaels would be given a screen test for the feature film, diplomatically shifting focus to the concert at hand.

“Bret Michaels is a great performing talent and songwriter. Joe’s Bar is a great venue,” stated Travolta. “Tonight the spotlight is on Bret.”

Michaels previously starred in the film “Letter From Death Row” and most recently was one of the celebrity panel of judges on the hit television show “Nashville Star.” He has made guest appearances on “Yes Dear,” “Martial Law,” and “The Chris Isaak Show;” and owns a production company with actor Charlie Sheen.

“My Fractured Life” is being produced for film in partnership with Port Magee Pictures and Strat Productions by Dan Riley of E! Entertainment Television, Peter J. Clark, Frank Gardner, and Travolta.

Travolta is currently in Chicago filming a role in the feature “Crime Fiction” for Fire Escape Films.

Travolta’s name has repeatedly been in the headlines with Julian McMahon, Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, Gerard Butler, Adrian Paul, and Goran Visnjic as one of a handful of actors being considered to replace Pierce Brosnan as the next man to play James Bond on film.

Wowing onlookers with her figure despite having given birth to the couple’s second child just months before, Sonia Travolta responded with seasoned diplomacy to questions regarding her husband as a rumored replacement for the role of James Bond.

“James Bond is one of cinema’s most celebrated and iconic roles. Whatever actor chooses to accept the role will have taken the time to seriously consider the advantages of the tremendous opportunity and the possible constraints that could accompany it. That’s a discussion for a different venue,” she stated, steering attention from her husband back to the concert.

Famed as the front man for the Platinum recording act Poison, Michaels is embarking on a newly launched tour promoting his solo album “Freedom of Sound” on the BMB Records label.

Michaels is one of the songwriters behind 15 Top 40 hits including “Every Rose Has it’s Thorn,” “Talk Dirty to Me,” and “Fallen Angel.” His production credits include Stevie Nick’s “Loves a Hard Game to Play.”

Opening the Loop 97.9 radio station sponsored concert was Then Again. Morning radio personality Byrd hosted the event.

Joe’s Bar is one of the premier entertainment spots in Chicago hosting such diverse headliners as Darryl Worley, Run DMC, Rick Springfield, Eddie Money, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, Joshua Kadison, Tone Loc, Gary Sinise, and Phil Vassar.