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July 1, 2005

Yes, we can now confirm that every single one of you can download the new Thunder track, ‘I’m A Lucky Man’, as of Tuesday July 5th!! The download will be available exclusively from

Download a short clip of the track NOW by clicking the links below:
I’m A Lucky Man (Windows Media)
I’m A Lucky Man (Real Audio)

If you all go mad and buy it in your thousands, and we can see that Thunder downloads works well for both you and us, we’ll roll this into our plans for the Fade Into The Sun single (after the summer hols).

Clearly we’re going to need to rely on the rock hard Thunder Team Spirit to help spread the word and make this a huge success, so please spread the word about I’m A Lucky Man! Tell your friends, tell other websites, post it on message boards – you know the score by now – spread the word in any way you possibility can and tell the world that Thunder are moving into the digital age! We counting on you once again team…onwards and upwards!!

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