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July 2, 2005

Overnite the folks in the Bon Jovi camp sent word about how things are taking shape in Philadelphia, where the band (along with a slew of other artists and an expected crowd of more than 1 million) is getting ready for LIVE8.

The band arrived into Philly in the late morning and headed to the event site. JON BON JOVI did press interviews with news outlets as varied as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood… so keep your eyes open for that. JON headed to the stage with RICHIE SAMBORA, TICO TORRES, DAVID BRYAN, HUGH McDONALD, JEFF KAZEE and BOBBY BANDIERA to do their SOUNDCHECK. The band ran thru ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’, ‘It’s My Life’ and ‘Have A Nice Day’ a few times before heading offstage. (Check for lots of photos taken during the band’s souncheck.) JON BON JOVI was also pulled aside by GRAHAM NORTON who is onsite interviewing artists for the BBC – look for some of that footage to quite possibly end up on the bigscreens in Hyde Park today…. can’t promise anything — it’s quite the music and media and logistical event to put together!!

Later in the evening, BON JOVI had some invited folks to a cocktail party where they played the new Bon Jovi album, HAVE A NICE DAY, mixed in with other Bon Jovi music. JON , RICHIE, DAVID, TICO and HUGH attended — as did ROB THOMAS, SARAH McLACHLAN, JOSH GROBAN, CHRIS TUCKER, REVEREND AL SHARPTON and CHRIS TUCKER. Two of the players from Jon Bon Jovi’s PHILADELPHIA SOUL Arena Football Team, KEITA CRISPINA and SEAN SCOTT also joined the band for the hang. (Check out for photos from this cocktail party.)

BON JOVI are heading out on tour this fall and there is a new website that will be devoted to the Bon Jovi tour — the website is now live! Check it out at (please keep in mind, we’re a while off from details on the tour yet but bookmark that page and you’ll be all set once tour information starts flowing in!)

So, the band will do LIVE 8 and then head off to have a Fourth of July holiday with their friends and family — lots of stuff happening in the week ahead with the videoshoot taking place at the end of the week. So, Happy Fourth of July weekend to you and yours (and if you’re not celebrating the holiday – still have a great, great weekend!) Tune into LIVE 8 and more news from the camp will be with you during the week.


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