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July 11, 2005

Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force To Release UNLEASH THE FURY In NorthAmerica On July 26, 2005, Through Spitfire Records

The long wait is over for fans of neo-classical rock guitar geniusYngwie Malmsteen. The new Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force albumUNLEASH THE FURY will be released in North America on July 26, 2005,through Eagle Rock Entertainment’s Spitfire Records.

UNLEASH THE FURY has already received rave reviews since hitting thestreets overseas. Malmsteen played all guitar and bass guitar parts onthe album and “Cherokee Warrior” features his lead vocals as well. HisRising Force band includes vocalist Doogie White, keyboardist JoakimSvalberg and drummer Patrick Johansson.

The new album bursts with 18 songs, including four instrumentals:”Locked And Loaded,” “Revolution,” “Crackin’ The Whip,” “Winds Of War(Invasion),” “Crown Of Thorns,” “BogeyMan,” “Beauty And A Beast,””Fuguetta (Instrumental),” “Cherokee Warrior,” “Guardian Angel(Instrumental),” “Let The Good Times Roll,” “Revelation (Drinking WithThe Devil),” “Magic And Mayhem (Instrumental),” “Exile,” “The Hunt,””Russian Roulette,” “Unleash The Fury” and “Paraphrase(Instrumental).” Both “Fuguetta” and “Paraphrase” are variations ofthemes composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, one of Malmsteen’s favoritecomposers. UNLEASH THE FURY also features CD-ROM bonus clips ofMalmsteen demonstrating his signature guitar technique.

With 24 albums to his credit, Malmsteen has been a highly respectedmusical visionary around the world for more than two decades for hisgroundbreaking neo-classical style. But the Stockholm, Sweden nativeis proud of the early praise UNLEASH THE FURY has earned. He realizedearly on that he nailed it with this album.

“In the last several years I’ve done a lot of experimental things inthis vein or that vein. Some were very song-oriented or classicallyoriented or focused on a dark production. They were done deliberately.On the last album, ATTACK!!, I went with whatever came out. It wasvery spontaneous,” Malmsteen says.

“With UNLEASH THE FURY I was very, very meticulous and very, veryparticular about what I wanted. I was really involved with everything,including drums — even when to use crash or ride cymbals. It was abit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. I knew exactly what Iwanted to do with this album.”

Malmsteen spends a great deal of time writing his songs, and thatincludes everything: overall instrumental and vocal melodies, solosand lyrics. He enjoys writing lyrics as much as writing guitar andbass guitar parts, and works on them carefully.

“I express myself with my lyrics just as much as I do with my guitar.To me, the whole thing is one expression. Lyrics are poetry in timewith a melody,” Malmsteen says. “When the music comes, it’s easy. It’sall improvisation. If I’m not inspired, I don’t bother. But writinglyrics is a difficult process; when it’s done, I find it was anenjoyable experience.”

He is also incredibly prolific, and one of the rewarding challenges heembraces is choosing material.

“I have two recording studios at home, and one of them is a livesetup. Me and the drummer, Patrick Johansson, recorded about 43 demosfor this album,” says Malmsteen.

Having his own recording studios allows Malmsteen the luxury ofcreative freedom without any restraints. Unexpected benefits happentoo. The main reason he sings lead vocals on “Cherokee Warrior” isthat he and the engineer were simply doing a soundcheck with a newmicrophone and it sounded so good they decided to keep it.

Malmsteen, White, Johansson, Svalberg and touring bass guitarist MickCervino have already begun a world tour, which will arrive in NorthAmerica later this year.

UNLEASH THE FURY is one of the finest albums of Malmsteen’s career,and its creation is rooted in one simple, yet profound belief: “I havea philosophy: More is more, less is less. The idea that less is moreis illogical.”

Malmsteen’s Concerto DVD, featuring his performance with the New JapanPhilharmonic orchestra, is also due from Eagle Rock on September 20,2005. For more information, including all the latest news and tourdates, visit

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