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July 14, 2005

The Hairball John Radio Show recently featured a mini Keel reunion as vocalist Ron Keel and guitarist Marc Ferrari joined the show. Besides speaking about their numerous individual projects, they both discussed their thoughts regarding 2005 being the twenty-year anniversary of their critically acclaimed release “The Right To Rock” and their wishes to do a full-fledged Keel reunion.

Marc Ferrari: “I personally would love to see it happen, Ron and I had a little mini-reunion a couple years ago when Ron’s band ‘Iron Horse’ played out here, and last year Ron and I did an acoustic set at a KISS conference in New Jersey. We recently spoke about doing some select dates in light of the fact that this is our twenty year anniversary and we have one, possible two, re-releases going on. I would love to see it happen as I miss playing with Ron, Brian, Kenny and Dwayne, and personally I would do anything to see it happen.”

Ron Keel: “We have been trying to put together a reunion tour. I know a lot of fans want to revisit those times and get the band back on stage. Marc Ferrari, Brian Jay, and I still remain good friends and have talked about trying to put together some form of a Keel reunion together, but we are waiting for the right opportunity. We would like to be part of a major tour package; hopefully that will materialize some point in the near future. We are also hoping to have the ‘The Right To Rock, ‘The Final Frontier’ and the self-titled disc released. We have been going through a lot of red tape with the record labels over licensing and ownership of various masters, but I think it is going to happen, and I feel very confident that you will see a re-release of the Keel music and a Keel reunion tour some time in the near future.”

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