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July 22, 2005

Hello again from all of us, We are back with a vengence,our website hasbeen completely re-vamped, along with our line up with the addition ofour new guitar player Mike and drummer Simon. The addition of these twohas added a swagger and new dimension to Vicious Circle that the best isyet to come. We are having new photo shoot and will post picsimmediatly.

We are presently working on finding a new record company andhome for our first CD “Fine Line” and our second “Machine”. We arewriting CD # 3 and it looks to be our best yet. We are jokingly callingit at present “Vicious Circle’s Greatest Hits”.

We will have new contentconstantly like new wallpapers, our own media player (coming soon). Weare also working on T-Shirts first that we will add to the “Swag Shop”for online sale, yes you can buy from us online via “PayPal”. We willthen look to add “Vicious Circle Thong Panties and Hats” as well. Soplease check us out again and sign our guestbook with your thoughts. Youcan email each member of the band directly if you so desire to.

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