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July 25, 2005

NEW YORK — Beautiful Creatures puts a fresh spin on hard rock and heavy metal. This kind of honest rock ‘n’ roll never goes away and never will, it just takes on new shapes and forms.

The universe loves pure rock ‘n’ roll bands and will open its arms to welcome the long-awaited Beautiful Creatures album Deuce on August 23, 2005. This is the band’s first release for Spitfire Records, an imprint of Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Deuce is a full-blooded hard rock/heavy metal album full of in-your-face attitude and punchy, blast-furnace songs. The first single from Deuce will be “Anyone.” The album also includes “Thanks,” “Freedom,” “Unforgiven,” “Save Me,” “Empty,” “Never,” “Super Fly,” “Straight To Hell,” “The Unknown,” “Ton Of Lead,” “Brand New Day” and “I Won’t Be The One.”

Deuce, which was produced and mixed by Focx , is Beautiful Creatures’ second album. It’s been four years since its self-titled debut was released. The record company shakeups and band member changes that happened shortly after that would destroy lesser bands. Not Beautiful Creatures.

Beautiful Creatures’ vocalist Joe LeSte, rhythm guitarist Anthony Focx, lead guitarist Mark Simpson, bass guitarist Kenny Kweens and drummer Timmy Russell are excited about the return of the band.

“It took a long time to complete Deuce because we didn’t want to have any throwaway songs on it,” LeSte says. “It’s a very well-rounded album and we’re very happy with it. We’re all focused and have a very positive attitude.

“We’re all about perseverance,” he continues. “You have to remember that when our first album came out, there was no Darkness or Velvet Revolver, and we endured being a ‘rock band.’ Yet we played with Kiss, then we played on Ozzfest and got a great reception and then toured for another year.”

The rabid, overwhelmingly positive reaction Beautiful Creatures received from its early fans even exceeded what the veteran members had experienced in their previous bands. LeSte was the lead vocalist with Bang Tango and Simpson (a new addition to the band along with Russell) was the lead guitarist with Flotsam & Jetsam, but Beautiful Creatures sounds nothing like them.

Big plans are afoot for a major tour to promote Deuce. Beautiful Creatures will be performing some radio shows including August 27th Motorycycle Mayhem in Fresno with LIT.

“Beautiful Creatures is a gang,” LeSte says. “We’re a team. We put our heart and soul into everything.”

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