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August 3, 2005

HOLLYWOOD – BOD will be on tour supporting their new album RUNAWAY BRIDES releasing September 27th on Shrapnel Records. Their first single White Trash is soon to hit the airwaves. “White Trash” is exactly what it sounds like. “The pot calls the kettle black can’t buy class …but in LA it’s all for free all you need is a casting couch, a bloody scalpel and a sugar daddy,” recites LeGrande. It pays homage to all the trailer-park-style culture and the people that try to leave them. From there the Brides will discharge a slew of slamming songs on the audience like “Criminal”, “Deadman’s Ruin” and “Lords of the Mind.” “This is the record we always wanted to make,” states Tracii Guns. “It has a great blend of modern rock heaviness with retro sounds and styles. It is the perfect ‘Brides’ record of today. “

ADEMA will be coming off their own headlining tour to join the Brides on a tour of debauchery in support of their latest album release PLANETS. Standout tracks include: the first single, “Tornado”; title track, “Planets”; a ballad, “Rise Above”; rocker “Bad Triangle”, featuring a guest vocal appearance by Jujitsu master Ralek Gracie, aka Rio Life, a member of the world-renowned Gracie Family (and friend of Adema drummer Kris Kohls, himself an avid Jujitsu trainer); and fierce closer, “Vikraphone”. Yet, the truth is, all the tracks on “Planets” (count them, 16!… plus one extra surprise!) are expertly-crafted, hook- laden songs; there is not a miss among them.


Sept. 30 San Diego, CA – Canes
Oct. 1 Santa Ana, Ca – The Galaxy Theater
Oct. 10 Cleveland, Ohio – Peabody’s
Oct. 12 Passaic, New Jersey – Dingbatz
Oct. 14 Saugus, Mass – The Palace Entertainment Center
Oct. 15 Bedford, N.H. – Marks Place
Oct. 21 Brooklyn, New York – Brooklyn Music Terminal
Oct. 22 Springfield, Va – Jaxx
Nov. 3 Los Angeles, Ca – The Key Club
Nov. 8 Boise, Idaho – The Core
Nov. 9 Seattle WA – The Fenix

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