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August 4, 2005

Suncity Records are extremely proud to announce the signing of the out an out kings of the Sunset Strip in Swingin’ Thing !!

Swingin’ Thing ruled the strip back in the hey day but never had the chance to get a full-length album out until now. We are putting together 2 full-length albums that are bound to kick your butt. These albums are the perfect glam CD’s, written about fast cars, summertime girls, partying and just havin’ a good time. This material is bound to lift your spirits.

Signed to a Japanese label in the early 90’s called “Monster Productions”, Swingin’ Thing found themselves touring throughout Japan and ultimately, that’s where they enjoyed most of their success.

It’s the same story Blue Tears had with their unreleased bootleg cd’s, going for a mint on ebay and the sound quality was way below par. The tracks that we will be releasing will be straight from the DAT tapes and then of course go through the whole re-mastering process. Sound quality is something we here at Suncity Records pride ourselves on. These glamstars did most of their recordings at A&R studios in Hollywood, which is the reason the production is of excellent quality.

Back in 1998, indie label Bombastic Plastic released a self-titled album by The Things, which were the same band only they had a more punkish influence to their music. Chris Penketh, the guitarist from Swingin’ Thing was telling me that they always wanted to be a punk band but changed their sound to fit in with the whole hard rock boom. But not here, no punk influecnces! Everything you could want in a band from the Sunset Strip, gang backing vocals run supreme, guitar chops Satriani would be proud of, great attitude on the vocal ala Vince Neil. These guys had everything Motley Crue had and more but as we all know, justice wasn’t served back in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

Here is just a few sound samples to whet your appetite. The songs below will be on the first of 2 CD’s to come out this year.


01 – Hazy, Lazy, Crazy Daze Of Summer
02 – Better Left Unsaid
03 – Groove Of Love
04 – Coconut Cream
05 – Hook, Line And Sink Her
06 – Cowboy On The Run

No release date as yet, but as always, when news comes to hand you will be the first to know right here.

If you want to check out what Sunny, Mike and Chris are doing with themselves these days well go no further than:

It’s The Pigs are an awesome 3 piece band out of West Hollywood. Very similar style of music to Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

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