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August 8, 2005

August 7 – Los Angeles, CA -While heading overseas to the UK to play a show in Wrexham, Wales the U.S. rock band, “Rhinobucket”, best known for it’s song on the platinum selling “Wayne’s World” soundtrack album reported that while arriving in Great Britain to perform at a 3 day rockfest in Wrexham, Wales to promote their comeback album, were abrubtly turned back by customs and passport officials at Manchester International Airport solely because the promoter had neglected to obtain the proper work permit for the band to play.

As quoted on the bands website, lead singer Georg Dolivo, stated, “It was all about “Work Permits” and I’ve got to say that the customs and passport officials at Manchester International Airport were not the type of people I would want to have representing any country of mine. We flew all the way there, and the promoter had made a mistake. We wanted to play. He was willing to “do whatever it takes” to set it right, but nooooo . . . I actually did not get deported because I have a European Union passport (Finland) but I’ll tell you, when we landed back in Newark, New Jersey (after being in Britain for only 22 hours) and I got in front of the US Customs official, I nearly wept with joy and wanted to kiss the guy when, after he stamped my passport and wrote down the number to my green card, he smiled and said, “Welcome home Mr. Dolivo”.

There was no other reason why the band would not have been allowed to play in Wrexham. Why the band was so abruptly turned around, without any opportunity to correct the paperwork error is unexplained and airport officials declined to comment on the incident.

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