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September 9, 2005

When we announced there would be no Fade Into The Sun single, the resulting flood of disappointed emails was quite staggering. To be honest we were taken aback! We had a good long think and eventually decided that as we had the music in the can, and your emails showed you clearly want it, we should make it available. The commercial considerations made it a non runner, so we simply took them out of the picture!

The “Six Shooter” EP CD will be released on 17th October.

Tracklisting is as follows:-

1. Fade Into The Sun (Live 2005)
2. Amy’s On The Run (Live 2005)
3. The Gods Of Love (Live 2005)
4. Stay With Me Baby (Live Xmas Show 2004)
5. Fade Into The Sun (The Spaghetti Mix)
6. I’m A Lucky Man (previously available only via download)

We’ve chosen some cracking live versions from the UK tour in March 2005, as well as a killer tune from the 2004 Xmas Show (yes, we fixed it). To that we’ve added an extended wild west version of FITS, it’s very different, it’s over 7mins long, and amongst other things, it features Danny whistling! I’m A Lucky Man has been added as we promised it would be.

A pre-order date will be posted soon, but Townsend Records have requested you don’t ask them when it will be, they don’t know….

Download versions will also be announced soon, for the digitally minded among you.

No chart position is being sought, and no marketing campaign will take place (save for some promo copies going out to friendly DJs). In a nutshell, this is not being released in an attempt to get a chart position and make new fans, it’s simply being released to make the music available to you, the existing fans, who’ve told us that you want it.

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