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September 12, 2005

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx and Linkin Park ‘singer’ Chester Bennington have joined forces on a new version of the Crue’s ‘Home Sweet Home’. Like so many other recent collaborations, the proceeds will go towards the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

The pair spent the weekend in a Nashville studio working on the track. Sixx (pictured) said the following through his personal website:

“First and foremost we the band, want and need to thank everyone behind the scenes who busted there (sic) asses to make yesterday such a magical day.

“Chester and all his people who did any and everything to get to Nashville need to be complimented as well. I think we speak for all the bands and artist who performed when we say thank you to everybody behind the scenes. Now is the time were asking you to react. Please donate. Please pick up the phone or go online and make a difference, don’t wait, our government already did that.”

We’ve no news just yet on whether the release will be international or exclusive to the US.

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