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September 19, 2005

Z Records are proud to announce the return of Tony Mills [Shy, Siam] to the label. An agreement has been made for the release of Tony’s new solo album “Freeway to the Afterlife” , A special ltd edition format will include a bonus disc namely “Cruiser” Tony’s 2001 release with the label, and will be available from From 0ctober 10th.

Tony made the following comment concerning his return to the Z Records roster:”After five years, the opportunity to reunite with Z Records crossed my path with a combination of products that are quite different, but equally able to stand up in their own right.After the success of ‘Cruiser’, especially in Germany, Shy achieved even greater acclaim with Z Records’ release ‘Unfinished Business’. Great press around the world proved that the team had a winning combination when it came to great songs and proper support and distribution.With the private release of ‘Freeway to The Afterlife’ on the net, the response has been proportional to what you would expect from the absence of a credible record company.Having stayed in touch with Mark Alger from Z Records, the offer of a double solo release package with both ‘Cruiser’ and ‘Freeway to The Afterlife’ was unmissable.’Cruiser’ , being a combination of songs, written through the 90’s to certain ideals, mainly AOR, was an important time in my career for realising personal abilities and turning ideas into sounds that worked for me. ‘Freeway’ is a radical, yet necessary move away from mainstream rock to free the need for a still more personal _expression. Soul & sax based, it explores one of our great questions, ‘What comes next ?’.This combination of material somes up the major part of ten years writing but is not wholly encompassing. Further solo projects are planned, of which I have no doubt Z Records will keep you posted !”

Tony Mills. September 19th 2005

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