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September 22, 2005

Los Angeles, CA – XYZ fromtman Terry Ilous has goneback into his archives and discovered eighteen songs that the public hasnever had a chance to hear. “Some of these songs should have ended up onthe first or second cd,” relates Ilous. “It’s about time they made it outto the public because they bring back such great memories of that wholetime period.”

Arriving in Los Angeles from Europe in 1985 Ilous and XYZ bassist, PattFontaine set about finding compatible band members to help make their”rock star dreams” a reality. “It was very hard to form a band iat thetime,” recalls Terry. “I only spoke Spanish and French – not so rock ‘ n’roll, you know – finally destiny sent me 2 winners Marc Diglio and PaulMonroe. It took a while to find them but it was definitely worth it.”

The band slugged it out on Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip for four yearsalongside the likes of Warrant, Bang Tango, Guns ‘N Roses and others who,like XYZ, went on to see various degees of success in the music world.While playing the club circuit, XYZ also spent a lot of time demo-ingtheir material and presenting those demos to every label that would accepta package. Terry: “I always loved the song “Cant Get Over You”, which Iwrote for my wife. We spent every dime we had demo-ing those songs. stilltoday they mean a lot to me and I know the fans will love them as much asI do!”

‘Forbidden Demos 1985 / 1991’ will be released on Sept 26 through FYCORecords. The track listing is:

“Can’t Get Over You” (1990 – previously unreleased)
“Inside Out” (Demo – 1988)
“High Life” (with Marc Diglio – 1988)
“Follow the Night”
“You Got Me Wrong” (Live – 1988)
“After the Rain” (Demo – 1987)
“Souvenirs” (Demo with Marc Diglio – 1988)
“Made For Love” (1986)
“It Could Be You” (1986)
“Seventeen” (1986)
“Just A Friend” (1985)
“Lonely Without You” (with Marc Diglio)
“Missin You” (with Marc Diglio)
“Rainy Days” (with Bobby Pieper)
“Lonely Without You” (with Bobby Pieper)
“Never Too Late”
“Souvenirs” (with Bobby Pieper)
“High Life” (with Bobby Pieper)

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