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September 25, 2005

Looking for a crash course in survival and outdoor skills? This November, rock n’ roll legend, wildlife conservationist and big game hunter Ted Nugent is set to debut a new competition-based reality show, Wanted: Ted or Alive, on OLN. The show gives five city slickers the chance to prove they have what it takes to survive a week in the wilderness, competing against one another in challenges of survival and outdoor skill. The series preview premieres on Saturday, November 5 at 8 p.m. ET, prior to OLN’s LIVE coverage of the highly-anticipated PBR World Finals, and can be seen on its regularly scheduled day and time, Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET.

“Ted’s new series is all about competition,” said Gavin Harvey, President of OLN. “Through adventures, challenges and tests of survival, these competitors learn what it takes to be a true outdoorsman, battling the elements, the animals, and each other for the grand prize.”

Nugent, an avid outdoorsman and considered by many as the world’s best guitarist showman, pushes the limits of each contestant as they participate in various challenges throughout four episodes, accruing points in the form of cash dollars along the way. The participant with the most ‘money’ at the end of the week will win a grand prize of $25,000.

In Ted’s game, there are no boardrooms, penthouse suites or five-star rewards. Players are thrown into the wild, forced to live off the land to eat, win and survive with Ted’s tools and by Ted’s rules. Another dose of reality, with a new batch of city slickers willing to test their fate, and their survival skills, in the hands of Nugent will air in January of 2006.

Ted’s challenges include:

Earn Your Keep Challenges: In these ranch-related activities, Ted gets a first-hand looks at each of the contestant’s work ethic, desire and drive to win, including a test of endurance where contestants must become human scarecrows in Ted’s corn fields; an early morning fishing trip to catch the most weight in fish; and a swamp dive into the depths of black, murky water to retrieve lockboxes filled with cash.
Training Challenges: These challenges provide an opportunity for each contestant to learn the principles of a survival skill that will then be put to the test to see who has learned the most. Training challenges come with points rewards, and escalate to weapons rewards – a hunting knife, a cross bow, a rifle – that will aid a player throughout the game.
Big Game Challenges: These multi-part tasks provide the biggest challenges and the biggest rewards, as real-world applications of the skills the participants learn in Training Challenges are put to the test. From being a hunter and killing, skinning and preparing a wild boar to becoming the prey and being hunted by Nugent or fellow players, at the core these challenges are about surviving the competition, surviving off the land, and staying alive.

The first five contestants going head-to-head, with Motor City Madman Ted Nugent holding the reins, include:

Charlotte, Comedian and Model: Charlotte is originally from Boston and currently living in New York City. She’s very competitive, very chatty, and deathly afraid of sharks. A former Jane’s Addiction groupie, quirky Charlotte’s innocent appearance might fool some into thinking she’s an easy out – until they make her mad.
Mykela, Retired Soldier and Model: Mykela is from Birmingham, AL and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is a retired sharp shooter who left the military to become a model and an actress. Beauty aside, as a trained soldier, Mykela may have what it takes to win over the challenges, and The Nuge, for the ultimate grand prize.
Shannon, Events Coordinator and Wardrobe Assistant: Shannon is originally from a small town in Florida, and currently lives in West Hollywood, CA. A kooky party girl, Shannon loves to play poker long into the night, and is terminally clad in tank tops and trucker hats. She’s one of the boys, and although she’s afraid of the ocean, she’s not afraid of bugs, which may help her chances at winning the grand prize.
Joey, Disc Jockey: Joey grew up near Oakland, CA and is currently living in ‘hardened’ Los Angeles area. In addition to playing records, he’s a self-described player himself, and intimidates people with his 5 ft. 5 inch physique – which is covered with tattoos. He loves music and women, he works at strip clubs, and he’s very close with his family. If there’s a camera on him, he’s likely to succeed.
Carl, College Student: Carl grew up in San Jose, CA, and is currently studying environmental psychology and drama the University of California at Irvine. He is a roller figure skater, he likes to dance and he used to sell shoes at Nordstrom. Carl is most likely to succeed at pissing people off. He is eccentric and manipulative and hates people who lie and people who use big words incorrectly. This shady character may be just what Ted is looking for in a city slicker turned outdoor survivalist.

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