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October 10, 2005

(New York, NY – 10 Oct. 2005) In 1990 Welsh hard rock heroes Tigertailzunleashed an album that would raise the standard for independent metalalbums of the era. ‘Bezerk’ , released on the UK’s Music for Nationsimprint, featured such anthems as “Noize Level Critical”, “Sick Sex” andthe band’s calling card, “Love Bomb Baby”, all of which helped fuel thealbum to over a quarter of a million worldwide sales as well as MTVattention, Gallup (UK) charting singles and two Top 3 home videos. “Thatwas one hell of a time”, reflects guitarist, Jay Pepper. “It seemed likejust about everything was going our way – the only market that eluded us,oddly enough, was America!”

Fifteen years later, Sanctuary Music has finally made that realization areality with the North American release of not only ‘Bezerk’ but thatalbum’s followup, ‘Banzai’ (a Japanese only compilation released throughSony Music in 1991) on October 11 at a special sale price of $10.99 each. Frontman Kim Hooker says, “Finally our American fans will be able to walkinto a record store and be able to pick up our albums and not have to waitfor them to arrive from an import shop someplace. I’m thinking of flyingover there just so I can do that myself!”

Recently featured in Classic Rock magazine as part of their “Welcome Back…” series via an interview with bassist, Pepsi Tate, Tigertailz havealso completed work on the long awaited ‘Bezerk 2.0’ and are looking to doshows Stateside in mid 2006.

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