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October 18, 2005

A Disgusted KISS Army Puts Hall of Fame on Notice

In response to the announcement of the finalists for this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions, fans of rock group KISS have issued a warning to the Hall: “We’re sending in our forces.”

Known as the KISS Army, fans of the make-up wearing, blood-spitting icons say they are tired of the lack of respect given to the 70s icons who are still playing to packed stadiums 30 years after their creation.

“KISS has been America’s number one gold record award winning group of all time,” says rally chairman Paul Carpenter. “Look at their impact on the music industry! Artists from Lenny Kravitz to Garth Brooks have said on record that KISS were the most influential musicians in their lives. The fact that year after year the Hall has failed to place KISS on its list of finalists is not just an oversight but a disgrace.”

According to rally co-chair Joe Apple, KISS fans from all around the world are already making plans to converge on the Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland on Saturday August 5, 2006 to tell the Hall and the world that KISS deserves a place of honor among the legends of rock & roll. “The KISS Army formed as a grassroots movement by a teenager in Indiana 30 years ago,” says Apple. “We’re going to mobilize the generations of KISS fans who have enlisted over the years to make this an event the entertainment world will never forget.”

Information about the rally is available at

Volunteers for the event can sign up to participate at

What: KISS Fan Protest Rally
When: Saturday August 5, 2006
Where: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH

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