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October 21, 2005

Yes, its True there have been talks between Mick Cripps, Tracii Guns, Paul Black & Nickey Alexander about reuniting for the first time in nearly 20 years to hit the stage again. Originally this was supposed to happen in August at the House Of Blues until it was discovered that Paul & Nickey’s replacements (Phil Lewis & Steve Riley) had regrouped and were kicking off a tour as LAG in August as well. This hurt the market for the original L.A. Guns which people are now calling Paul Black’s L.A. Guns in order to separate the two bands. It was decided that this reunion should be postponed until the beginning of 2006 (after Tracii had finished a tour with his new band The Brides Of Destruction). Since those initial talks, discussions have gone even further between Tracii & Paul, including doing a full west coast tour with JetBoy, recording the all-original album which never got made (including the songs written by the band in 1985-1987 that were never recorded or released), plus talks of collaborating again on new material for a new record by the first original band (the creators of Show No Mercy & One More Reason To Die).

A film is also currently being made documenting the genesis of this band’s reunion, and rediscovering how it had fallen apart 20 years ago. It has old and new scenes including rare footage of the original L.A. Guns line up hanging out with GNR way back in the day. This documentary will probably air on the Independent Film Channel.

Currently, dates are being offered by venues from San Diego to Seattle and radio stations are jumping up and down to do interviews and promote the band. However, Bassist Mick Cripps is reluctant to commit to two weeks on the road due to his circumstances involving (Job, family, school & his dog). So a full reunion looks iffy at the moment but, he hasn’t said absolutely no, and he did say that, “If there is a record deal involved, then THAT would be a different story.”

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