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October 22, 2005

Outspoken rocker TED NUGENT is defending controversial comments he made about reality TV family THE OSBOURNES, insisting SHARON OSBOURNE should be held accountable for celebrating domestic chaos.

The CAT SCRATCH FEVER rock star touched a nerve when he slammed THE OSBOURNES for presenting the worst of family life on TV.

But, despite criticism and comeback from Osbourne herself, Nugent is refusing to back down.

He says, “I was condemning the celebration of chaos, the celebration of anti-parenting.

“I think it’s absolutely an indictment to the soullessness of our society when we can find humour or something entertaining about a family that has no discipline, that celebrates crime and smoking dope and getting drunk. I think it’s absolutely putrid.”

And he repeats his belief that Osbourne is a terrible mum and wife: “I don’t think she’s on top of squat except the bank account for her husband, that she takes advantage of. I think she oughta be slapped silly… She should be put in her place.”

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