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October 24, 2005


L.A.GUNS Record Features 18 Early Recordings’Black List’ is the name of the newest L..A. GUNSrecord in too long a time. And it features tracks fromthe original band – most never heard before by anyoneexcept those in the band’s inner circle. Does it ROCK?HELL YEAH – LAMF.

This is the early Guns featuringoriginal lead vocalist PAUL BLACK with TRACII GUNS(Guns N’ Roses) on Guitar, ROBERT STODDARD (DogsD’Amour) on Guitar, NICKEY ALEXANDER (The Weirdos,Lords of The New Church) on Drums and MICK CRIPPS onBass. It’s the original group and you can tell. It’sraw, loud and strong. Singer, writer and rocker abouttown, Paul Black and the original band havepainstakingly searched their closets and even gonethrough their old shoeboxes to find tapes with thebest versions of the songs & recordings which foryears had been buried under miles of red tape & lockedup in vaults by their former label Polygram.

Theserecordings have now been restored and remastered andnow this powerful raw set of tunes has been releasedon an unsuspecting world for the first time ever! Ifyou want to know what LA’s Cathouse scene was like,stripped of all the bs and latterday glam, give alisten. And if you want to hear some great unrelentingrock music for any era, this one’s loaded for action.Hear the classics like One More Reason to Die & ShowNo Mercy before record executives got their hands on’em. and the Paul Black single Love & Hate (the “dealclincher” hit) before the label changed it to SexAction. as well as unreleased concert favorites likeL.A.P.D and Stranded In L.A. 18 songs that rock thehouse — including The Devil In You a bonus track byL.A.’s biggest band to never sign a deal BLACK CHERRY(Paul Black’s band after LAG) All recordings were donefor various labels prior to their break up in 1987.

Features a 16 page full color booklet with neverbefore seen pictures and liner notes revealing theincredible untold History of the L.A. Guns line up-theone that started it all.

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1. Stranded In L.A.
2. L.A.P.D.
3. Show No Mercy
4. One More Reason To Die
5. Looking Over My Shoulder
6. Love & Hate
7. On and On
8. Wired And Wide Awake
9. One Way Ticket To Love
10. Name Your Poison
11. Liquid Diamonds
12. Love Is A Crime
13. Winters Fool
14. Everything I Do
15. A Word To The Wise Guy
16. Roll The Dice
17. Black City Breakdown
18. The Devil In You

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