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November 17, 2005

NEW YORK-OSLO – TNT is carrying on its two-decade legacy of classy hard rock withits brand new Mayhem Records release ‘All the Way to the Sun,’ out now.

“It’s a really diverse album that needs all the songs to feel complete,” saidvocalist Tony Harnell. “It has sort of a theme, a story line if you will. Lotsof twists and turns and I think it’s a really original album.”

In the glut of negativity in today’s music, TNT is standing on its own with apositive message behind “All the Way to the Sun.”

“It’s about us changing things and not waiting for government or someone else tomake things better,” said Harnell. “People are too resigned to the idea thatthere is nothing that they can do about the state of things. My feeling is thatwith all the negativity going on in the world there are enough artists dwelling onthat. Some people think it’s naive or cheesy but I don’t really care, I’mjust sick of all these bands being so down about everything. How is thatcontributing? We already know things suck so let’s do something about it.”

Reinforcing that message, TNT chose an unlikely cover song in the form of thetimeless classic “What a Wonderful World,” made famous by Louis Armstrong.

“I like the lyrics, they could seem a bit ironic if you were a cynic, which ofcourse I’m not, but one could see it that way if they like, so it can serve boththe cynic and the utopian,” said Harnell. “I think we made it our own thoughand I dig it cause it’s a pretty risky track to cover, especially for a band likeTNT.”

TNT’s eighth studio album – and 12th in all – shows a more mature band spreadingits wings and flying outside the box. Originality is the key word and there isplenty of it on this release. With sales of over two million worldwide, TNT isfirmly established as one of the best and most respected hard rock bands in theworld.

“Ronni is a more thoughtful guitarist now and I think my singing gets better withevery album, as does our songwriting,” said Harnell. “The thing we are mostproud of is the fact that we are better and better with each album in every area. It really hit me when I heard the whole thing mixed that no one sounds like us and Ifeel really proud of that.”

The Norwegian-American band consists of Harnell, guitarist Ronni Le Tekro, anddrummer Diesel Dahl. Joining the band is new bassist Victor Borge from the bandAutopulver.

TNT will begin touring in support of ‘All the Way to the Sun’ with a full tourof Europe and likely the rest of the world. “All the Way to the Sun’ is alreadysitting in the top 10 on the Norwegian national charts and is expected to stay therefor some time.

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