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December 14, 2005

What a great way to celebrate our first year with three of our best signings yet. It has been a great year for Suncity Records, getting the label off the ground and releasing our first lot of CD’s. 99% of feedback received has been excellent which is always a good sign. We have been working around the clock to bring you the best of what hard rock has to offer and we think we have really nailed it.

The first signing being Canadian hard rock band Dirty Rhythm. Most of you will know them from their excellent first full length CD released back in 1991 entitled Hard As A Rock. Receiving excellent feedback worldwide for their first album, Dirty Rhythm were widely known as Canada’s answer to Skid Row.

Dirty Rhythm

The yet to be titled Dirty Rhythm CD will be a five-track album with a bonus multimedia video. Only five tracks you are thinking, well, these are the five tracks that JRS Records left off the Hard As A Rock album to the bands dismay. The most wicked guitar work heard in many years, in your face attitude driven vocals ala Sebastian Bach, listening to them, you can imagine these guys kicking around the back alleys of L.A. in 1989.

When I get asked about Dirty Rhythm’s sound I say “Imagine this as a scenario: the year is 1989, U.S. Hard Rockers Skid Row go into the studio to record 16 songs for Atlantic Records. When finishing their self-titled CD the record company tell the band they can only have 11 tracks on the album therefore they to cut 5 tracks from the list”. The five tracks that are left over would have been these five here and not left off the CD because of the quality. That’s the best way I can describe these 5 tracks from Dirty Rhythm. Sounding like they were left off Skid Row’s first CD. It’s obviously apparent that Skid Row were Dirty Rhythm’s major inspiration but who else do they sound like you ask? Well Heaven’s Edge, Cry Wolf, XYZ, Hardline and Dokken all come to mind.

Every hard rock collection is defiantly not complete without this little gem. Click on the link below to listen to a track in full off the soon to be released album

Dirty Rhythm – Addicted To Ya

Here is our second band with a release that is sure to make massive waves in the hard rock circles. The signing of Sweet Teaze brings us the never before released or heard to the public album Groovin’ On The Backside. This is one of the main reasons I started up this record label, unreleased albums like this used to sadden me that they were never released.

Sweet Teaze

Recorded in January 1991, right amongst the Hard Rock boom, Sweet Teaze did this recording for Capital Records right before the Grunge invasion hit therefore having Capital dropping the boys in search of the of the next Kurt Cobain wannabe.

This is the CD Skid Row should released instead of “Subhuman Race”, Matt Mathews to me sounds very similar to Sebastian Bach, such a power house behind the mic. With perfect hooks and melodies to have these tunes in your head for weeks. Smokin’ guitars, which is synonymous with all Suncity Records releases. What also really struck me with this material was the sensational late 80’s, early 90’s big stadium ballads which have to be heard to be believed.

You think their first release was special, renowned as one of the top ten hard rock indies ever hitting the $200 mark on Ebay consistently well you are in for a major treat here. The sound can be describe as a cross between Sweet Teaze’s Do It Till It Hurtz and Skid Row’s Slave To The Grind, I can’t speak highly enough of this release! Perfectly crafted hard rock.

To here what I’m raving about, click below on the link to hear the first ballad in full off “Groovin’ On The Backside” entitled “Broken Heart “. Make sure to email me with your thoughts on this cracking track.

Sweet Teaze – Broken Heart

The third signing we have got for you we are extremely proud to announce is the signing of Detroit’s premiere Hard Rock band Heaven’s Wish. Forming in 1984 as a five-piece, it was ten tough years of touring, writing and recording until these boys stuck it big time when they got signed to Universal Records USA. Heaven’s Wish were never given a real chance as 1994 was the break through year for Grunge. Over the first ten years as a band Heaven’s Wish achieved some quite substantial highlights, which included picking up the 1990 best band award for 101.1 WRIF beating over 1,500 bands. 1991 was another good year for the band as they won the 1991 best live band award once again for Michigan’s top hard rock station 101.1 WRIF.

Heaven's Wish

In 1995 the band were getting ready for a tour of Hawaii when tragedy stuck. Jim, the bass guitarist committed suicide. After that fateful day the band never really recovered and the band really suffered having Heaven’s Wish split up.

Lead singer Ronnie Vanlip describes the bands sound as a mix between Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, and Motley Crue. I couldn’t agree more as these guys have class written all over them. A very professional unit, Heaven’s Wish gel together perfectly. Live, Heaven’s Wish shined, Ronnie had all the moves, colour, and a great sense of humour. Playing with bands such as Warrant, Skid Row, Bonham, Bulletboys, Damn Yankees, Enuff ‘Z’ Nuff, the impressive list goes on but the show that really stands out is when they played with Eddie Money to 100,000 people at the Detroit Grand Prix.

Currently doing one off shows in their hometown of Detroit and still getting great reviews everywhere they play. Gathering up tons of unreleased material over the years, It is now time for the boys to get back in the studio and belt them out on another full length album. Not only have Heaven’s Wish signed up for just the one CD with Suncity Records but it’s a two CD deal, which will please fans to no end. Some of the songs you can look forward to hearing are: Ridin’ High, Stay The Night, Let’s Dance, I Just Wanna Die, She’s Hot, Just Lookin’, Lonely Nights, Talk Talk, Something About You, plus many, many more. Some of the die hard fans may of heard some of these tunes live before as they were written in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

This is just one of many new signings that we have for you with many more to be announced shortly. 2006 is going to be one hell of a rockin’ year.

Things are moving along very nicely with South Station and you can expect a release date for their first album early in 2006.

We hope you have a very merry and safe Christmas and a happy New Year and hope Santa brings you all the Rock ‘N Roll that you deserve. Keep posted early next year as we have a lot more in store for you as we will be announcing a heap more signings. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support you have shown to us so far and get ready because 2006 is going to be one big year for Rock ‘N Roll.

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