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December 16, 2005

Steamhammer/SPV To Release Special Editions Of Two Saxon Classics
High-Quality Bonus Material & Extras
Release Date: February 17, 2006

Saxon are one hell of a reliable act! The British band surrounding vocalist/mastermind Biff Byford has the staying power that is otherwise rare to find among rock bands. Even after almost thirty years on the road, Saxon sound as fresh as they did when they first started out and continue to stand for driving, high-decibel hard rock of the gritty variety. As early as 1980, Record World magazine concluded that Saxon play “… the loudest, most powerful, haunting and bloodcurdling heavy metal around.” Nothing much has changed about that, quite the opposite appears to be the case: as if they’d bathed in a fountain of youth, the five musicians present themselves more eager for action in 2006 than ever before – one of the reasons why Steamhammer/SPV are about to release Saxon’s two classics, Lionheart and Dogs Of War, in a new, high-quality special edition including fantastic bonus material on February 17, 2006.

Lionheart, first out in September 2004 and immediately in the Top 50 of the German album charts with its driving sound, impressive cover artwork and ambitioned lyrics about witch hunters, King Richard Lionheart or the attitude of British soldiers to war unmistakably documents Saxon’s British origins. At the same time, Biff Byford & band display an energy that is almost physical. Justly, Byford announced before the release of the recording: “Lionheart is the most powerful album we’ve ever cut.” The new special edition will be out in a limited edition box of 10,000 copies worldwide, including a digi-pack (CD and bonus audio DVD) and exclusive lanyard/keyholder. The brand-new audio DVD features previously unreleased material, videos, rough mixes and a new 5.1 / 96 K mix of the whole album.

The new edition of the 1995 milestone, Dogs Of War, will be out as a SuPerValue Re-Release framed in black, brand-new liner notes by vocalist Biff Byford and two bonus tracks (‘The Great White Buffalo’ & ‘Denim & Leather’), recorded live during their 1995 Dogs Of War tour. The booklet comes in a new design with previously unpublished photos and cover artwork. Dogs Of War also features the final appearance of former original guitarist Graham Oliver, who left the band after the studio recordings and was replaced by Doug Scarratt during the 1995 world tour. Scarratt can be heard with Saxon for the first time on the two bonus live tracks, ‘The Great White Buffalo (live)’ and ‘Denim & Leather (live)’.

LIONHEART (Special Edition)
Witchfinder General * Man And Machine * The Return * Lionheart * Beyond The Grave * Justice * To Live By The Sword * Jack Tars * English Man’O’War * Searching For Atlantis * Flying On The Edge AUDIO-DVD
‘Lionheart’ Making Of Clip * ‘Lionheart’ Live-Clip * ‘Beyond The Grave’ Videocip * Studio-Audio Rough Mix * 5.1/ 96k High End Sound Mix

DOGS OF WAR (SuPerValue Re-Release)
Dogs Of War * Burning Wheels * Don’t Worry * Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home) * Hold On * The Great White Buffalo * Demolition Alley * Walking Through Tokyo * Give It All Away * Yesterday’s Gone *
Bonus tracks: The Great White Buffalo (live) * Denim & Leather (live)

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