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December 21, 2005

Message to my fans in USA

I am announcing the cancellation of the MSG USA ‘Tales of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Tour since I did not receive the official letters from Bella Piper and Linda Schenker which I have requested. Unfortunately, I must sacrifice this USA tour to protect myself to be able to keep playing music. I will not come back to America unless Bella and Linda stop threatening me in unfair ways for the sake of money. From now on, I will concentrate on the release of the new MSG album “Tales of Rock ‘n’ Roll” as I have planned, and establishmy life in Germany. I will now prepare for the Europe Tour 2006.

I am so sorry to the fans who were looking forward to seeing my concerts. I hope someday I will see you and play music for you. Please check out my website, I will keep you posted as what happens for people who are interested about this cancellation.

All the BestMichael

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