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January 5, 2006

It could be a scene from the movie “Spinal Tap”: Veteran rocker calls the cops after a concert, complaining that two fans pulled him off the stage.

But the fans say, no, the rocker felloff the stage. Too many Shirley Temples?

It all happened during the closing number at the Motley Crue show on New Year’s Eve at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Guitarist Mick Mars leaned forward toward some fans; he says to give them a guitar pick.

But the two fans, Karen Ann Sklar, 30, of Birmingham and Christine Bajaj, 32, of Sterling Heights, told Auburn Hills police they saw Mars reaching out to them, and thought he was trying to pull them onstage, maybe to go backstage.

Everybody knows there ain’t no party like a Motley Crue backstage party.

Witness reports vary; two bystanders backed the women up, saying they didn’t yank him, while a Palace security officer thought they did.

At any rate, Mars, who had a hip operation just over a year ago, plummeted to the floor.

Although he asked that the police be called, Mars declined to press criminal charges. In a comment posted on Motley Crue’s Web site, the guitarist said, “I’m fine, I am undamaged. I had a great time, and to the girl that pulled me in, I am not upset with her or mad. I hope she got my pick. See ya’ll next time. Thanks for a very memorable New Year’s Evening.”

Neither Sklar nor Bjaj returned calls from a reporter.

Maybe it’s age maybe it’s that hip operation, but longtime concertgoers will remember a time when rockers like Bruce Springsteen used to willingly fling themselves out into a Detroit audience — and be caught.

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