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January 15, 2006

Hi all, we hope you’re well and have had a rockin’ good start to 2006!

We are heading into the studio in early March to start recording the new CD (probably to be called “Shake” – but this could change).

It will feature 12 tracks and although “Lay It On The Line” is considered an album – to us it will be our official debut as LIOTL was only meant to be a demo!

The track-listing is as follows: 1. AFRAID… 2. PARADISE… 3. NATALI… 4. PERFECT… 5. MAYBE… 6. PROMISE… 7. FALL… 8. LIFT YOU UP… 9. SHAKE… 10. CARRY ON… 11. LOST… 12. 1000 TEARS

The album is made up of original but classically influenced hard rock songs & power ballads – mixed with a hint of modern – and features the trademark SACRED HEART sing-a-long melodies.

We will put MP3’s on our myspace page once we have them so you will get a taster of the new CD before anyone else!!! If you haven’t checked it out yet it is:

We’ll be playing many of the songs at upcoming shows so if you can make it to any of them we’d love to see you there. Next live date:

Friday 20th January 2006 @ Stripes Bar, Brentford Football Club, W. London. (As always, any & all support is sincerely appreciated!)

That’s all for the moment, other than to apologise for the lack of updates on recently – this will be updated over the coming week.

Thank you for your continued friendship & support – have an awesome week!

Rock ‘n’ roll away!

Paul, Mark, Claudio, Darren: SACRED HEART

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