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January 19, 2006

Motley Crue drummer and successful solo artist Tommy Lee has recorded a cover version of the classic O’Jay’s song “Love Train” to be featured in the upcoming New Line Cinema film “Final Destination 3,” it was announced today by New Line’s President of Music Paul Broucek. “Final Destination 3” arrives in theaters on Feb. 10.

“I’ve always loved the song ‘Love Train,’ and it was great being able to put my own darker spin on it for the movie,” says Lee.

The song, currently only available in the film itself, will serve as the end title song for the movie.

“Tommy Lee delivered a great cover version of the O’Jays ‘Love Train’ for the last stop in ‘Final Destination 3,'” says Bob Bowen, New Line’s Senior Vice President of Music who oversaw the project for New Line along with the studio’s Vice President of Soundtracks Jason Cienkus. “It is the perfect song to end this film leaving the audience wanting more and feeling good.”

The original version of “Love Train” was recorded by the O’Jays and released on their 1972 album “Back Stabbers.” The song hit number one on the pop and R&B charts en route to becoming a classic landmark song in the history of Philadelphia soul.

The fright-filled “Final Destination” franchise returns to theaters in the supernatural thriller “Final Destination 3.” Set six years after the original “Final Destination” film, the latest installment in the series centers around a high school senior who has a premonition of a fatal roller coaster accident involving herself and all her friends. When the premonition proves true, those who have “cheated death” and survived the accident are forced to deal with the repercussions of escaping their fate. “Final Destination 3” stars Ryan Merriman (“The Ring Two”) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The film is directed by James Wong (“Final Destination”) and is scheduled for a February 10, 2006 release.

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