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January 22, 2006

Aiming high is what UK Power Pop band TEENAGE CASKET COMPANY are doing with a new campaign they’ve put in place to earn them an opening slot on the up coming BON JOVI Stadium Tour this summer! Believing that ‘The People’ can make a difference they’re hopping that a Petition will grab the attention of the BON JOVI Camp and maybe even Jon Bon Jovi himself.

TEENAGE CASKET COMPANY have gone from strength to strength over the past two years supporting the likes of VAIN, LA GUNS, TRASHLIGHT VISION and MITCH MALLOY along with touring both the UK and US East Coast with their infectious brand of guitar fuelled pop rock in support of their debut album ‘DIAL IT UP’. Now they aim to take things on to a grand scale!

Bassist Rob Lane recently commented on the new campaign which is gaining great momentum and people’s imagination.

“This isn’t just some kind of publicity stunt or us just trying to get a gig in front of 1000’s of people – sure it’d be nice! But it’s about us wanting to play with a band who we think our sound would work great with, a band who we are fans of and one that I also ‘think’ the Bon Jovi fans would enjoy watching before the ‘Main Event’! Because we don’t have thousands of pounds to buy on to a gig like this (even if we did someone would have more) we’ve set up a Petition and Website to spread the word and maybe get Jon or his Management’s attention and let them say ‘What the hell, give ’em 20 minutes, see what they can do!!’

For more information on the Campaign and to sign the Petition visit the website at

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