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January 22, 2006

Bulletboys vocalist Marq Torien recently spoke with The Hairball John Radio Show on a variety of issues. Including some of Torien’s personal highlights and lowlights, as well as the future of The Bulletboys.

Marq Torien: “In 2006 there will be a Bulletboys reunion and I wanted to let you know that on your show. The powers that be are working on it right now, so you will be seeing the Bulletboys out there. But, I wanted to let everyone out there know that we will be coming back out and that we are coming back out for our fans as well as for Rock N’ Roll. But I don’t really feel that I should be out there touring if I don’t have anything new to offer to the musical community like a new fresh record. So that will be happening. A new Bulletboys record will be coming out this year. It’s time to go at it and it’s time to get it back together again. Hey listener, we’re not the saviors of Rock N’ Roll but we just want to come out there and rock people the way we feel they should be rocked. You know, with movement on stage, sweating, partying and having a great time before we get hit by a huge asteroid and it’s all over.”

The entire 30 minute interview with Marq Torien is available on demand in full streaming audio at the home site of The Hairball John Radio Show

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