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January 27, 2006

THE CULT will undertake a 19-date tour in March 2006. Some had reported the demise of the dark, British rock band who’ve been inactive since 2002. Apparently, those rumors were greatly exaggerated. ‘The eco-world cannot exist without its predators. Out in the wild, it takes all types to make the system work. The Cult needs the world, the world needs The Cult. Everything must have its season, and our season is upon us.’ stated singer Ian Astbury.

It is no secret that tension between frontman Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy has been at the forefront of The Cult’s lengthy breaks. The two realize–more than ever–that the strength and balance of The Cult is the differences they bring to the table. Duffy states, ‘It’s (The Cult) always been me and Ian, and it always will be. We’re a little wiser, but just as pissed off as we ever were.’

The Cult rose to fame from the streets of London to become one of rock’s biggest attractions of the mid-80’s and 90’s. Critically acclaimed records and radio hits such as ‘She Sells Sanctuary,’ ‘Wild Flower,’ ‘Love Removal Machine,’ ‘Edie’ and ‘Fire Woman’ propelled the band to arena status. However, the band’s disdain for the ‘big machine’ of the music business has paid off with the allegiance of their hard-core following. The band never sold out or abandoned their core audience. ‘We never had fans, we have addicts, you either need it or you don’t. You either get it, or you won’t. There is nothing casual about The Cult, we attract pure devotees,’ prides Astbury.

The tour, tagged A Return To Wild, will cover 19 cities, launching at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco and winding up at Nokia Live in New York City. Although the band was offered large venues, they opted for more intimate houses. These shows are for Cult devotees and the wickedly curious. ‘We need to reconnect with our people, our tribe. We need to be among them. We want this to be as intimate as possible. You can’t do that in an airline hanger, mate’ claims Duffy.

The band plans to play select dates and explore the possibilities of making new music in 2006, although at press time no firm commitments have been made.

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