News Segment


January 31, 2006

Just dropping you a line to clear up a few things.

#1} We never agreed to do the tour with Bang Tango/Pearcy. Was never going to do the tour, never agreed to do the tour, never backed out of the tour, didn’t cancel anything and never signed anything that said we would. Good thing look what’s happening with that tour.

#2} Talked to Mick Sweda via e-mail and if a few {reasonable} things go the right way, he would consider doing a tour with Marq.

#3} Haven’t talked to Jimmy D’Anda about any of this yet. If he indeed doesn’t want to do this tour, than that is his choice. We would like to talk to him about this and explain what it is exactly we are working on and maybe he would change his mind. After all the fans really want to see the original line-up. But his statement is negative and would lead us to believe he is not interested. But again we have not asked him or talked to him yet. But we will respect his choice either way.

#4} Rest assured that no matter what, the BulletBoys will be coming to rock your town soon, with a new CD, new DVD via Cleopatra records and a kick-ass show.

#5} Marq is in the best shape of his life, his vocals are better than ever.

#6} Marq is keeping busy in two bands. Transistor which is a now and up to date style band and The Lost Boys which is a band that just rocks the house and has fun. Current line up includes Ryche Green {Drums}, Joe Walsh {Bass}, Dennis Bielinski {Guitar}, Andy Penny {Guitar} and Marq Torien {Vocals/Guitar}.

#7} Marq loves his fans and you can reach Marq @ yes it is him and he does answer his own mail as do I for him sometimes if it/he gets to busy.

#8} Who am I. I am Marq’s manager.

Either way we still have great respect for the other members of The BulletBoys camp and wish them well with whatever they are doing in their lives right now.

They will always have a place in the BulletBoys. We will see you on the road this year starting in Feb.