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January 31, 2006

Next week, the Swedish/English/American collaboration FROM BEHIND will enter 9 Volt Studios in Malmo, Sweden to record their debut album called “Game Over”.

The band that features legendary Nazareth guitar player Manny Charlton and ex Samson/Mammoth voice Nicky Moore among others will record 15 songs.Among the titles you will find: “Enola Gay”, “Hearts Grown Cold”, “What You’re Doing”, “Boneman”, “Gone”, “Darker Days” etc etc.

The album will be released late May 2006 through Lion Music (in Sweden through Sweden Rock Records)

More information:

From Behind will tour Scandinavia in the spring/summer of 2006.

24/5: Siljarock (Cruise Stockholm-Helsinki)
26/5: Penny Lane, Halmstad, Sweden
1/6: The Watt, Malmo, Sweden
2/6: The Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark
3/6: Godset, Kolding, Denmark
8-10/6 Sweden Rock Festival (date to be confirmed)

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